It was also during the year of 1965 that at a meeting of the Board of Directors and the Founders of the Community Fellowship Pentecost Ministers and Churches Association was held in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. During this meeting, it was resolved to move the central location of the organization from St. Louis to Ripley County Missouri. The petittion was made and the dcree issued and recorded on April 29, 1966 by the presiding Judge, Howard R. Maness in the Ripley County Courthouse in Doniphan, Missouri, which placed the Headquarters and central offices of the Association in Doniphan, Missouri. Over the years, at the leading of the Lord, the Association was able to purchase additional properties that it currently owns where the Headquarters and Camp Grounds are loacated. In the early 1970’s, I began the task of building the open air tabernacle that served for the Camp Meetings for over thirty seven (37) years. Much of the labor was accomplished by me personally, but as people began to get into the vision and help, we have been able to build other buildings that we enjoy today. Over the next several years we continued to go out and minister the word and to come in, as the Camp Grounds and the Association continued to grow and develop. During the early part of 1974, the decision was made by the Board of Directors to change the name of the orgaanization from Community Fellowship Pentecostal Ministers and Churches Association to the name which it currently has, Bible Way Association. This decree was issued on May 7, 1974 at the Ripley County Courthouse in Doniphan, Missouri. On June 3, 1992 another petition was filed which would prove to bring the Association to our present standing as an organization, by adding doctrinal authority while maintaining its orginal validity. On July 7, 1992 the decree was issued by Judge Arthur Cope and was filed and recorded on Auguest 3, 1992. Through the years since the beginning vision and efforts Bible Way Association has not only provided valuable coverage for hunderds of churches and ministers, but the power of the ministry and its anointing has influenced and touched literally thousands of sould with the anointing has influenced and touched literally thousands of souls with the anointing of the Gospel. Over time literally hundreds of souls were added to the Kingdom of God during various revivals and meetings. Camp Meetings are always a highlight with souls being saved, healed, delivered, and forever changed as God ministered into their lives. Youth Camp meetings have produced many ministers that are still reaching the lost for Jesus today.


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