God helped us find an old Presbyterian church at 1614 Menard in St. Louis, that would seat over 400 people that we were able to rent. Again, the previous church had outgrown the building and had built a new church building for their congregation. During that first year, and after much prayer we decided to start an organization, so during April of 1959 the Community Fellowship Pentecost Church becam an unincorporated Association of ministers and churches, having adopted the organizational name of Community Fellowship Pentecost Ministers and Churches Association. We had 633 people saved in those first two years, during that time I only had about one revival and some of those that were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost are people that are still pastoring churches and preaching the Gospel around the contry today. In one particular vision people were going in and out ministering. After I got into the evangelistic work, I knew an old preacher in Springfield Missouri, who I went to visit with at his home one day and he told me, I am glad you came along, you are connected with this vision I had. I was just sitting here and GOd was speaking to me about a place where people were going in and out and ministering. THey would go out and minsiter, and then they would come back.” This was a confirmation on the vision that God had given me. So when I came to Doniphan, that is what I started doing myself, and for yours I ministered out, then I would come back in and pastored a church in Doniphan. I did what I call the Bee Theory. I took something out to the people, and I brought something back in. That is how the campground and everything else has been built, by people who took something out and they brought to build the Tabernacle, the Youth Dorm, and everything else that is here. Scripture tells us that without a vision the people perish. In 1960, the Board of Directors of Community Fellowship Pentecostal Minister and Churches Association, decided to hire an attorney to petition the court for us to become a Body Politic and Corporate by the Pro Forma Decree of Incorporation in the State of Missouri. The case was heard on July 1, 1960 by Judge Waldo C. Mayfield and the decree was issued making Community Fellowship Pentecostal Minister and Churches Association a Body Politic and Body Corporate under Chapter 352 of the Missouri Statutes. In 1962, we began to minister revival services in the South central part of Missouri and moved to Winona Missouri and hundreds of souls were being saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. God was moving mightily and blessing our ministry. In 1965 we held a revival at the church in Doniphan, Missouri, where the Camp Grounds are currently located. This time of revival packed the church and the opportunity soon presented itself to purchase the church and the parsonage, which have become the Headquarters of Bible Way Association. After much prayers and confirmation from the Lord, we decided to buy the property.


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